Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I heart breakfast. I might already said it like thousand times, but yeah I meant it. I can left my house without get my tank fuel. Not to mention breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I enjoy eating breakfast everyday, no matter how late I am, I still at least grab something to have on the go. There are a few breakfast that I enjoy making and having on day to day basis like classic easy oats, smoothies, toast, omelette to more time consuming pancake.

Christmas Last Year #Throwback #FashinDiary

A little throwback here for Christmas last year, it's one of my favorite festive holiday season. Last year Christmas was fun like never before. Although the beginning of the month, I was struggling with some problem, but towards the end of the month I was trying to escape from my own problem, went for drink, party and even got drunk few times. You can consider myself crazy young b****, but I would said YOLO since it only happened once a year. I spent it with my best friend with new country, new people and new environment.

Roadtrip to childhood memory

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


As far as I remember, I didn't get to travel a lot when I was little. But when I open my mom's scrapbook, I saw me been somewhere I can't remember where. Then I asked my mom where and when this happened, she would answer me with "You were little girl, you might not remember it"
I've always wanted to go to somewhere near the sea, somekind of beach in anywhere. But somehow, as far as I remember, I never really did.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm not sure about you guys? But i'm definitely a fan of bread. The carbs oh those carbs, I just can't resist them. I used to be bread addict which I can finish a loaf of bread myself in just an hour. What? Yeah, thinking back to it, I felt sick myself.
Up until now, bread are the things I just couldn't give up. I can have them with PB banana, french toast, egg on toast or even just have it plain. It just my thing! 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Steeping ginger tea at home is practically easy process since it only required 3 ingredients : sliced ginger root, black tea, honey, and water (Oh, it's probably four). It just takes a quick 5 minutes and you can have a fresh, fuss free detox ginger tea.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

I love pizza, everyone love pizza right? I mean who doesn't. But we all know how much calories in a piece of that deliciously tasty pizza. It's probably around 285 calories in a slice of those Domino's, but usually I'll never get enough of one. So how much probably it will be if we get through a pan of it. I'm always feel so guilty after eating them, but I just can't resist those temptation.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, herro there!! Are you guys having good day?
It's a fashion diary again this week!
You know how my style goes are most of the time are very comfy (well, just because I love to be comfortable, I mean who doesn't?). Although I love to dress up super girly girl, but there are some other times that I love to looks super sporty and tomboy-ish. For me, fashion is a way to play and experiments with your style and find your true self. It's a way to express your mood and personality through it.

Graphic Tee : Random Stall in Malaysia
Leather shorts : Jeans Republic
Watch : Guess
Hat : Penshoppe
Boots : Nile
Bag : Nile

It might be a little too appealing for some of you guys who are living in cold country, but here in Singapore, it's actually quite hot and sunny most of the time.
But I think wearing baseball hat or statement beanies is a great way to jazz up sporty look and make it more interesting.

I got a challenge to recreate a "sports luxe" look which incorporate MLB hat or beanies, here from Fanatics. I just think it was such a great opportunity to show my sport take. They have huge selections of hats and beanies  which personally I think it's what brings the sports look come to live.
I have chosen a few pieces to recreate the look that I think is definitely right up my alley.
Wishlist!  How much I hope it would be in my stocking! :)

It's holiday season now, and hope everyone are spending nice day with friends and families.
I always feels homesick on this time of the year just because I lived away from my families, but this year I guess I still have my brother with me this year. Although he has been sick for the past weeks, hope he will get better soon so we can spend more time together on this festive season.