Monday, March 14, 2016

I am not usually a big fan of wearing perfume until I starting wearing one. Fragrance makes me feels more lady-like and confident in some kind of way.

Beyonce of course is my absolute queen B since I was little, so no doubt I will try her fragrance (in mind thinking wearing her perfume will make me feel like her, silly, haha). It's has scent of amber and sandalwood. It will dries out to a very subtle sandalwood scent through out the day, perfect for night out fragrance.

I will say it didn't last long, I would say probably 1-2 hours and the scent will be gone. I usually bring it out with my little travelo atomizer out for re-apply throughout the day. I must say it's not the best perfume I have tried, but I have been loving it through the month of February.

What's your favorite parfume?
I'm always open on trying new stuff.


Sunday, March 13, 2016


I'm back, after a long wimp of MIA and no where to be found from my blog. 
I've been so busy for work, been doing lots of work-y travelling that I have not been doing regular upload on my youtube and my blog. I'm really a bad blogger. 

Life Lately:

Hmm, how am I gonna start? 
My life has been very overwhelming fro the past couple months, but recently I have been trying to get it back on track. I usually get easily stressed out over simple things like work, relationship, and sometimes even normal things like food and sleep. I really try hard to balance out everything, it's surely not gonna be perfect all the time, but I am taking slow step and work little by little to achieve the point I want. Not gonna lie, my work have been kinda suck-y lately, you know the kinda feeling like you just lost the thrive and direction? Yeah, that's how I felt it now. But for current moment, I also try hard to find the answer I want. I know I sounded very ambitious, but honestly I am confused and for current state I'm gonna let it just go with the flow. 

Last month is my sister wedding and I was one of the most wonderful amazing day I have been in a long time. I really opened my eyes to find my true Mr Right. Yes, currently I don't have any man holding my hand, but I am confident one day I will find one who will hold it tight and won't let it go. But in the meantime I need to love and understand myself, because nobody can understand me better that myself. Remember one thing, you can't love anybody if you can't love yourself first. Love comes naturally, don't force, don't look for it. It will eventually come. Believe it.

Love Lately:

I have been loving reading back old manga aka Japansese comic book in case you guys don't know. I was a huge fans of reading manga when I was little until the level I will stay up really late just to finish the manga. I just finish Vampire Knight manga which I just took me 4 nights to finish the whole story. It was amazing and I enjoyed a lot. In case you guys have any suggestion of good reads, let me know, cause I am always on the hunt. 

I just finished Rourouni Kenshin Trilogy, which is a adaptation from Japanese manga about old Japanese war and samurai. (I really am not good at describing storyline, just google and watch, you won't regret) I am super surprised with all the storyline, the case, and the graphic effect. It was so real and and all the cast was so similar with the manga/anime. I am seriously impressed. Love and love, that's my rate.

Likewise, I also been loving the soundtrack from Rourouni Kenshin which is One ok Rock - Heartache. I have been playing non stop, the lyric was just heartbreaking. Weirdly enough, this song has been my lullaby brings me to sleep every night. 

For the past few weeks, starbucks been having non stop promotion whereby you can customise you own frappe and get the other one for free. Omg, that promotion has been spoiling me for few cups of java chip soy milk frappe of the past couple weeks, i can't even. Not the most healthiest I know, I'm gonna stop.

That's my little update and more to come. Stay tuned and enjoy your Sunday!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Hi guys!
Recently I have been obsessed with The Great British Bake Off, serious addiction! But every time I watch it, I will ended up with a massive craving sweet tooth. Then I will get very inspired to bake something. and of course vegan version! :)

- 2 ripe banana
- 2 tsp flax seeds
- 2 tsp chia seeds
- 1 cup wholemeal flour
- 1/4 cup cacao powder (or cocoa/ carob powder)
- 1/4 cup light packed brown sugar
- 1 tbsp baking powder
- 1 tbsp peanut butter
- 1/4 cup nut milk (or any other plant base milk)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degree.
2. Soak flax seed and chia seed in some water, and ket it thicken up for 5 mins.
3. Meanwhile, mix in the dry ingredient. Shift them to remove any lumps and achieve softer texture muffin.
4. In a separate bowl, mash 2 ripen banana. Add in the flax and chia eggs, then stir to combine. Then add heaping spoon of peanut butter then mix them really well.
5. Combine the dry ingredients and wet ingredients together and mix.
6. Slowly add in the nut milk, and mix well again.
7. Scoop in muffin tin or muffin case.
8. Bake for 25 mins.
9. After finished baking, let it cool before removing from the tin/case.
10. Voila, ready to serve!

I kid you not, these muffin is gone within two days. They are super soft and moist. I ate these as my morning breakfast and also snacking throughout the day while watching TGBBO. Oh, Sunday well spent!

Try it and let me know what you guys think?
Hope you enjoy it :)


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hi guys, I've been feeling kind pukish and unproductive for the whole day today. It's probably due to the fact of I fell and roll down the stair yesterday and ended up with scratches and bruises all over my body. Honestly I didn't feel anything hurt physically but waking up today my body are in ache and not to mention mentally feeling sluggish. I meant to do a little bit of filming but seriously just not in a  mood for any camera to be pointed on my face.

Anyhow, enough of rambling, today's just another video post for what I eat in a day, my favorite video to film and edit cause it's all about food and I can find a new music and edit it in kinda creative way. Hope you guys enjoy! :)


Monday, October 12, 2015

Hi guys, last Sunday I was feeling kinda bored and thinking of making some nice cream and had thought of filming it. Then of course after I devoured it, I kinda forgot about it until suddenly I found the footage in my laptop. Haha! But, I thought I could make a short clip of me making this nice cream. Of course very healthy and amazing!

4 large frozen banana
1 tsp maqui powder

Topping: basically whatever ( I used coconut flakes and black strap molasses)

Basically throw frozen banana, blend then add maqui powder and blend again. 
It's that simple.

Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yadiyahh! It's now already October and my September Favourites has been gone up for a week or so. But I thought hey, maybe people still haven't watch it yet. So, here it is if you wanna know my obsession lately.

Hope you guys enjoy!


Hi guys, today's blogpost is kinda talking things. I've been busy with works and spending lots of my time in the office doing overtime that didn't even paid. Salary's been delayed for a while, everybody in the office is kinda mad, and nobody can do anything about it. We're just being stressed out and feeling hopeless with the fact that our work didn't even paid off. The boss kept making excuses that with the fact that client didn't give him payment which giving him reason not to pay us salary. Bugger! And the worst part is tons of the employee have came and gone for few batches and it just kept repeating.

Well, enough complaining. I'm sorry about all the complain though but I just need somewhere where I can let out my thought and stressfulness. Sometimes I think I spend most of my time watching youtube video and just recently I realised I enjoyed watching tons of blogs. It just felt real and kinda like expressing day and yourself in more genuine kinda way. I can watch blog videos for straight 12 hours or sometimesI also let it playing in the background while I'm doing other things, it just kept me company and I feel less stressful.

I still remember when my friend used to ask me how can I multitasking, but well the answer is most of the time when I'm doing something, I don't really pay attention on the video itself, but I still listen to it. It's like somebody's talking to me and share their life. Then one of my friend even teased me saying that I'm too lonely and need some kinda company by watching vlog, and maybe that's true and I'm not denying anything because I definitely enjoy that.

I used to only listen to music but nowadays I felt like I don't tend to listen to it that often anymore and  just recently I'm attached to Podcast and I have been listening to it every single day whenever I'm out and about. It's very interesting and sometimes can be quiet educational. Listening to podcast or even just people talking make me focus more if I can say that, but it just allows me to listen. Sometimes I find that people forgot to listen and when just talk. And when you're talking basically you just repeating the same thing but when you open your mind and ear to listen, you may learn something new.

Like me, as a new vegan, maybe sometime feeling unmotivated, then I'll go and look up for some vegan channel to watch/ listen to. Other day I may feel sad or upset, then I'll look up for some interesting comedian channel to cheer me up.  It's kinda what I'm feeling like listening to at the moment. It's now been my favorite kinda routine and I intend to keep it that way.

Well, that's my rant for this gloomy Saturday, it's a slow start of a day for me today. My head is still pounding from the drink I had last night. Hope what I have actually did make any sense and I'm not just sort of whatever rubbish alcohol thoughts.

Happy Saturday!